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I'm switching over to the G-05 today, and wanted to be prepped so I did a 40:60 mix of G-05 to distilled water, and for a kicker, I added 4oz of Lucas SuperCoolant to the gallon sized mixture.

Not good. Almost immediately the solution developed what looked like sour milk curdling on the top of a hot cup of coffee. When shook up (not stirred) it seemed to mix better but after sitting for 30 sec the goo rose to the surface and began to congeal. I'm not pouring that crap in my V. God only knows what it might turn into when it gets hot. Glue comes to mind.:eek:

Dumped it and started over. The fresh G-05 and distilled water looks great and actually could pass as a nice bottle of Cuervo Gold. It even smells like a light tequila. My V will love it.

Moral of the story: G-05 and Lucas SC dont mix. The Lucas is suppose to be compatible with all type antifreezes, but it certainly isnt.
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