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A search on the Versys forum didn't reveal anything on this topic, so here goes. I recently had to use tire bead sealer (not tire beads, e.g. Slime, Ride On). Bead sealer is for sealing leaks where the tire bead seals to the rim. It is used when the tire bead has imperfections or minor damage which results in faulty sealing to the rim. This problem doesn't seem to be common with motorcycle tires but if it happens, this is the stuff to use.

I had run over a damaged expansion joint in a bridge at hwy speed and bent the lip of the rear rim of my 2016 V650, so I had to remove the tire to change out the rim.

After removing and remounting the tire on the new rim, I was losing about 4 psi weekly. I found the leaks. There were two on the same side where the rim contacts the tire. I removed the tire and used a product called Xtra Seal Bead Sealer. It worked really well. Instructions are here.

When removing the tire, it was necessary to only break the bead in the area of the leak. Simply apply the sealer and remount. No dry time is required.

Why the leaking bead in the first place? Maybe the impact of the hit, which was so hard it actually bent the rim, caused some minor deformation of the tire bead. The bead sealant solved the problem, and it was a lot cheaper than a new tire.:) Cheers
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