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Ok so I was browsing AU Kawasaki site... looking at prices for accessories for the 2015 model.

Side panniers... AU$1019.77

but wait there is more... note:
For the system to work you need to order the following 5 parts: 1- Pannier Cases 2- Pannier Fitting Kit 3- Lock Set 4- Cover Set (Color) 5- Deco Stripe Kit (Color)

Pannier Fitting Kit AU$40.99

Lock set AU$54.00

Cover set (660 Metalic Spark Black) AU$173.70

Deco Strip Kit (660 Metalic Spark Black) AU$54.00

for a grand total of AU$1341.38 :eek:

WOW... You guys in the north sure do get a bargain with the LT

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Plus about $350 for fitting. That's now a grand total of AUD$1,700.00 or $1,000 more than an LT costs over base model in USA and it includes handguards. Given exchange rate, I would expect an LT (if it was available) to cost about AUD$900 over base price. We are being ripped off to the tune of $800.

Kawasaki Aus was kind enough to ask me to do an online satisfaction survey after purchasing the 15 650V. They should now know what I think!

My solution: Andy Strapz panniers, Oxford heated grips, Barkbusters Blizzard handguards, power outlet I had laying about, home-made rear rack, Andy Strapz A-Bagz. Bike is now set up the way I want it and not a genuine accessory in sight. If I had been able to purchase an LT as I wanted, I probably would have gone with other genuine accessories.

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