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Hey all,

Back with another question. So I picked up a motorcycle dash cam thingy, and it has three wires I need to connect. Two to the battery +/- and one that's yellow and suppose to go to 'Aux' which I believe I was told would be found in the ignition harness. This way it only turns on when the ignition is on. I believe it has a relay built into it. I checked and found a blue, brown, red and white wire in there. Would any of these work? Or should I use something like the wire for the USB power plug/power outlet?

And speaking of USB plugs, I have an aftermarket one that doesn't seem to read any continuity rating when I test it. It has a glass fuse in it, but even when I checked after the fuse, I wasn't picking up anything. Is there a way to test if it's bad? Could I be doing it wrong? I checked the wires that you'd use to plug it into and those are definitely providing plenty of power.

Any help would be great.

Thank you!
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