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So, I'm 5'8", using flipped and tilted stock screen, stock seat. The wind blast is pretty much under control except crosswinds when it get a bit noisy and some buffeting from left to right. (still 100% better than many bikes I have owned)

I think I know a good solution but the required technology wont be available for 20 years, a bit too late for me, especially if Honda continues to abandon motorcycling but that another story.

My search has led me to Parabellum, Calsci and Cee Bailey.

What I'd like to avoid most is windblast cycling from left to right at 60+and would like minimal frontal blast at 65-75 mph., not so concerned with where it hits vertically as long as it is consistant...hope that makes sense.

Will a wider screen like the parabellum make crosswinds better or worse? It should deflect wind blast further left and right, (than other screens) but may be a bigger sail in the cross-wind? I DONT want the screen to affect handleing.

Feel free to speculate, more an art than science, unfortuantely with motorcycle windscreens.

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