While we can all appreciate how our motorcycles look and perform straight from the factory, the vast majority of riders like to make at least some minor modifications.

This could be as simple as adding storage or upgrading the tires to better suit your riding style, or it could be a bigger overhaul like a new exhaust system.

For those of you who have made changes to your motorcycles, what has your favorite modification been? Or, what addition is on your wish list or in your cart that you have been about thinking about for your bike?

Shorai Lithium LFX Battery

While nobody will notice it if they see your bike from a distance, upgrading to a Lithium battery like the Shorai LFX offers some significant advantages.

First, your bike will shed some pounds. A Shorai LFX lithium battery typically weighs less than half the amount as a standard lead-acid motorcycle battery. That could mean a savings of more than four pounds.

But beyond the weight savings, Shorai LFX lithium batteries also offer quicker charging times and more available cranking power – all while lasting more than twice as long as their lead-acid counterparts.

So what is your favorite motorcycle modification?