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I went for a technical inspection and registration 3 months after it expired. Riding a motorbike after a 3 month break is a great feeling . (I was sick so I had to postpone registration )
The weather was ideal for driving, but on the way home I was caught in the rain, and a strong wind. Just as I entered my yard and parked my motorbike, there was a storm with heavy rain and very strong wind.

And still at the end after I parked it, I need to move it little and I didn’t realize that the side stand had folded and my motorcycle fell on the table next to it, and the left mirror kept the whole motorbike from falling on the concrete. But fortunately no damage or any scratches. For the first time in 2 years that my motorcycle fell.

I was seriously ill, deep vein thrombosis and massive pulmonary embolism, Inflammation of the lungs in development and Covid positive (although in the end it turned out I didn't seem to be infected with Covid, nor did I get over Covid, even though I was in the hospital at Covid department for 12 days. A few days ago I did a blood test for antibodies to Covid and my antibodies are almost zero - LOL)

And best of all for the last 18 months I’ve been looking for a job and the company I applied to called me for a job interview 20 days after I got out of the hospital. And I'm still sick and according to the doctor's instructions I have to rest as much as possible, and with minimal walking (3 days later doctors say I can walk in my yard but not to much) , I went to that job interview and fortunately they are still interested in me, just to get well first and then I guess a new opportunity will be for me from that companie.
You sure have been through some difficult health challenges. Wishing you a speedy recovery and good luck with the job search!

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Some seat work. Dropped back of seat down slightly and added gel insert, with an extra piece of foam at the nose. It helps a lot with the sliding forward issue I was having.

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I also fashioned an Icelandic Sheepskin cushion, for good measure. Glued a backing on it as I have learned from experience that the skin won't hold up well if fastened down.
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All done!
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Of course, no modification is complete without a test ride. So, I set out on the Stone, Fullerville Sands and Goose pond Roads. I bought the Versys in large part to be able to avail myself of the multitude of back roads in my part of the sticks and it's looking like a better decision every day. What fun!

765 KV lines, Fullerville Rd.
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Goose Pond road. Begins 2 minutes from home, dirt starts in 3!
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It would be nice to post the seat mod in
Seat Recovery
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