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Hello everyone,

I have been checking out this site for awhile and decided to jump on.
In my searches for a fun commuter bike I came across the Versys and fell in love. It seems like the perfect bike for me. I currently ride a Suzuki DRZ-400S converted to a supermoto. I love the way the DRZ handles compared to a sport bike (I love leaving them in my dust in the tight canyons) and the upright seating position and thats what attracted me to the Versys.
From what I have found the V picks up where my DRZ falls short. Like better freeway ability, some wind protection, more comfortable on longer rides, more comfortable for 2, and I wont be folded into a ball to ride it since I'm 6'4" and not comfortable on sport bikes.

Now all I can do is hope KAWI BRINGS IT TO CALIFORNIA!!!

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