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Hi All,

I realize this post would probably be better put in a performance thread but given I am a new member I don't have the privileges to do so as of yet.

So I recently installed a Leo Vince slip-on GP Style pipe, did the snorkel mod Invader posted and installed a power command V on my 2012 Versys. Given the power commander V software doesn't have a map comparison tool I decided to make a simple spreadsheet which is color coded, allows you to compare two maps yielding one color coded table highlighting absolute differences between the two. (doesn't show positive or negative.. just measures differences) and another color coded table which is an average of the top two maps pasted.

The map diff table shows differences in shades of blue, the other tables use shades of green for richer cells and shades of red for leaner cells. I ended up making my own custom map with it by averaging a couple of different maps posted here and ones available from the power commander website. The result of which I think is a pretty well rounded map. Hope some find it useful

Well crap.. won't let me add an attachment cause I am a newbie.. PM me with your email address if you want the map I made and / or the spreadsheet.

Once I get full privs I will make a post in the proper thread with attachments

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