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Last weekend I took my 2020 Versys 650 to my first ever track day at Shannonville Motorsports Park. Haven't seen a lot of posts on track days here so I thought everyone might enjoy the video. The track was the "Fabi" circuit configuration that features a .6km straight and a variety of double apex and hair pin corners.

First video I'm on the V650 following my friend on an Aprilia Tuono 660, second video he's following me (for a bit). The first couple of laps on each video are slower warm ups. Video's are shot in 1440p so you can up the quality if its fuzzy.

For those curious the V650 held up surprisingly well. While the V650 is not ideal for track riding I was surprised how much some sticky tires and better front brake pads improved the experience. My Versys is bone stock other than that. If you are used to riding your Versys fast on the street and want to experience the track, its totally worth going. I rented leathers for the day. It was a very hot day but definitely the most fun I've had on a motorcycle.

Additional Info:
Weather: 32 degrees, Sunny (very hot track surface)
Rider: 6'3" 190 lbs
Bike Setup
  • Tires: Micheline Power 5's
  • Tire Pressure: 32/32 Rear (COLD), 35/35 (HOT)
  • Brake Pads: EBC sintered, Front Only
  • Front Suspension: Preload 13 Turns in (CW), Rebound 0 turns out (all the way CW) (My fork oil has 15,000 kms, with newer fork oil rebound would be less)
  • Rear Suspension: Preload 8 clicks in (8 clicks CW)
-Removed Windscreen/Windscreen brackets
-Taped up lights, change coolant to water as per track requirements


If anybody is thinking of going to the track with their V650 I'm happy to answer any questions.
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