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Here's some more video of another day at the track with my 2020 V650, this time at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga, beginner green group. I've coupled the GoPro footage with live feed from a GPS unit so you can see track position, speed and lean angle etc. This is my second time on the track with the Versys and I was able to get a lot more comfortable with body position and lean angle this time around. I'm still impressed at the capability of this motorcycle on track.

The first video is on-board the Versys chasing my friend on his "new to him" 2009 ZX6R. The second video is him following me...although not for long :cautious:

If I were to go to the track a third time with the Versys I would need to think about raising the pegs and possibly changing the rear shock to something with rebound and compression damping. Realistically, I will probably build a separate track bike next year but the Versys was an excellent introduction and really allowed me to get comfortable and determine what I want for a track bike (thinking SV650 or GSXR600)

Highly recommend getting out there for anyone who's thinking about it.

You can find the details about my bike setup in my previous post here: Versys 650 Track Day (Video)
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