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I went riding last weekend to Van Buren, AR. There are streets there that rival San Francisco's for steepness. After coming to a stop on a steep upslope (~20% grade, >50ft. vert. in .05mi.), I let out on the clutch for takeoff and the bike bucked and stalled. This resulted in giving me and embarassing 2mph getoff! Upon lifting the bike and trying to restart, it would not start(FI light blinking all the while) until I backed the bike crossways on the hill and recycled the ignition key. Then the bike fired normally and I rode away with my pride hurt more than the bike or my body.

The question I have is this:
At what angle does the vehicle down switch shut down the FI system?

I believe that the switch disconnected when I accelerated uphill because I had plenty of RPM and was slipping the clutch to prevent stall.
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