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I had not heard from Brant (SECoda) lately, either here on the X300 section or over on Stromtroopers as he also rides a V-Strom 1000 and so I sent him an email.

Today his son answered my email and posted this on Stromtroopers: "Hello all. This is Chris Nemec, Going through some of Dads (Brant) emails, and came across the one from Brockie. Dad developed a nervous system disease in late August early September. Though spending much time in the hospital and having every test known to mankind ran, the doctors were unable to find out what was fueling the disease. He ended up passing away on December 28, 2019. Thank you for your concerns, and for reaching out."

I never met Brant, but hoped that one day I might. Always enthusiastic and willing to pass on his knowledge to others, he was also an ardent flight sim follower and joined a group of guys on DCS for a realistic flight sim team which he said included real life USAF and USN aviators. He was always active, passing on to us tips on preparing and cooking on his pellet grill. A really nice guy.
R.I.P. SECoda.
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