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At last the restoration of the 2010 basket case V650s is complete.

Having said that, it will continue to evolve.

Anyway, today I took it up into the mountains (hills compared to America)*
I took lunch with me and headed up to the Bald Spur "Road"... it's a dirt
stretch than runs along a ridge line.

There's a memorial
for the lives lost on Black Saturday. I shot the bike with my cell phone
and had lunch there.

The Black Saturday fires started on
7 February 2009. Approximately 400 fires were recorded across Victoria,
affecting 78 communities. A total of 173 people lost their lives in the fires,
and 2029 homes were lost. Over a million acres were conflagrated,
including where you see my Versys.

The spot is 46 kilometres as the crow flies NE of the Melbourne CBD
You can see the high rise buildings of the city in the haze on the horizon
in the enlarged version of the picture.

* The highest mountain in Australia is only 7,310 feet ASL.
Reason being, the age of the Yilgarn Pilbara and Gawler cratons
that make up the Australian land mass. They go back to the beginning of time...
relative to this planet.
The most ancient geological artifacts are Australian. Typically West Ozzie zircons...
dated at 4.4 billion years old... the age of the planet itself.
Anyway! The humungous age of the Australian landmass
has caused our high mountains to be eroded down to hills and plains.
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