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Rather than clutter up my older thread, here is a link to the videos that I put together from the trip we took in May. They are mostly a chronological view of what we did each day, but if you are wondering why everyone hypes the scenery and some of the riding in Southern Utah, check them out.

Hopefully there won't be any problems getting to the Google Drive files, etc. Note that these are larger format videos - 150 to 300MB in size.

Day 1 - Mostly highway miles from Denver to Moab. Probably the 'driest' of the videos from a production standpoint, there just aren't a lot of cool things to stop and see, until you get into Utah during the last few minutes of the video.

Day 2 - Shows the trip from Moab to Torrey, UT. We got a late start due to making repairs to my bike from the Day 1 drop, so we skipped a couple planned activities (slot canyon hikes). We still made some cool stops at Butler Canyon, Natural Bridges National Monument and the Hite Bridge/Colorado River overlook.

Day 3 - much more of a travel and scenery day as we took Highway 12 from Torrey down to Bryce Canyon. Highway 12 has a little bit of everything along the way, and the views were breathtaking in spots. On top of that, the scenery in Bryce Canyon is absolutely incredible. We ended the day by riding through Zion National Park to Springdale, UT.

Day 4 - We spent the first half of the day in Zion, including a hike up the incredible Angels Landing trail. The last portion of the trail was closed, but we got some cool shots along the way up and back and the views from Scouts Overlook were amazing. After the hike, we rode back through Zion, then down to Kanab, UT, south to Jacob Lake, AZ, and then past the Vermillion Cliffs, around Lees Ferry, and into Page, AZ.

Day 5 - We spent the day scooting across Northern Arizona to Monument Valley, up to the 'Moki Dugout' roadway (with tons of great views at the top), then on to Durango, CO.
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