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For those that don't have a email linked to your PM, and this link is private with no viewable data as to your email address, this is how you edit this. First open a second browser, as it is impossible to remember everything I have stated here

FYI and I added this link for all New For Sale posts, Time permitting ,that don't have email notification, Which is 100% private,no one can see this address.*** Now it is up to the individual ( fall 2018), 95% of the For Sale Adds have this set, I give a like on their first post after checking their settings as being corrected

Note: some post their private email in the add or include a phone number FYI , the whole world can see this, and what I mean by that, any search engine, any spammer , anyone trying to take over your identity, no membership required And that is why I encourage members to use the provided Private & Secure means of using the forum for notification.

First click User CP just left of Log Out

Next look for Settings & Options within this look for Edit Options click this, the first you will see at the top Use Invisible Mode look further down**Messaging & Notification Under receive email from administrator should be checked, no worries though, they can find you!

The important one is Private Messaging the first is enable PM which you have checked , the important one is 3rd down Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages this needs to be checked Don't Stop you can go through all the other settings and modify or leave as is, Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

Below is a little more info, for those not that computer savvy, open 2 browsers with the forum

FYI due to privacy issues KawiMan / Administration will not and cannot have email notification as a default, since I have already pulled a work order on this and that was the answer.

Also the For Sale has provisions to close the Add once Sold by the OP, this just isn't happening either so https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/23-sale/210001-sale-clean-up-please-delete.html is my chosen method, if you are able , open a second browser with the forum, 1st browser go to the add you have , right click copy link location, now go to the second browser and open https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/23-sale/210001-sale-clean-up-please-delete.html paste then post, your done, expect a like from one of us mods and your add vanishes:grin2:

I know many use TapaTalk, doing the change is easier if you open a second browser.
Clicking on the link below explains the process and why, however for those that are getting up in years and want something really simple, go to the red For The Old Guys Link

October 2019

For the Old guys that aren't computer literate, click on the link below, this will open a second browser, you can then go between the two browsers, Make sure to SAVE

Note For Tapatalk users ,added July 2019
[U]Tapatalk users and others, Under the Heading PRIVATE MESSAGING
you need to check the 3rd box down, Make Sure the 2nd box is unchecked[/U] under Private Messaging then scroll to bottom & Save

Here is the Link:
:thumb::thumb: https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/profile.php?do=editoptions :thumb::thumb:

:funnypost: I used this to get attention, just click this link above
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