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A few people in various threads have mentioned US 550 AKA Million Dollar Highway from Gunnison to Durango, CO. Yes, it's a beautiful drive, year round. Which, I happen to be lucky enough to do every two weeks for the last 2 yrs drive it as part of my route. Thought I would throw up so pics from a little snow storm last winter.

This first pic is as I was prepping to chain up the semi in the parking lot of a customer in Durango, Co., I had just slid backwards down that driveway with my brakes locked, hitting a sign and two cars in the process. That driveway is about 60 ft long and a 5% grade.

Now, the journey up Coal Bank, Molass, and Red Mtn. Passes

Yes the plows had just come through

Summit of Molass Pass

Starting down Coal Bank

No kidding

dropping off Red Mountain towards Ouray

High plateau midway down Red Mtn.

This pic doesn't do justice to how slick that was

curve at base of Coal Bank before starting up Molass

snowshed on Red Mtn.

I actually have about 50 pics in that album, but don't want to take up the whole thing.
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