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So, was about time to do something about the suspension on my Versys. It's seen quite a lot of use/abuse off-road, and there were some results- note that I have no clue whether it's due to being off-road, or whether was about time to happen ~ 58k km on the bike, approximately 15k 2up.

In a nutshell, I had the left fork leak, and the sealed shock leaked as well recently. I found a suspension shop with tons of expertise/training and, as we speak they're tearing apart the forks and shock (WindmillMotorsports). The forks have been redone by many, so there's nothing new there. The advantage in this case is the customizing, they're trying to match my riding style- mostly dirt oriented, with the occasional fast twisties.

The shock is where I wanted to give you a heads up. Wyorider and Race-tech trailblazed the way, as far as I know. My shock has been taken apart too, and according to the WindmillMotorpsorts guys it doesn't need a Gold valve (i.e., low costs). So the non-rebuildable shock will get a charging valve, and it will be internally re-valved to match my requirements.

The end result will be a better, serviceable, shock cheaper than a new OEM one. I understand that is still a compromise, but it's one compromise with which I am willing to live. I respect those willing to spend upwards of $600 for a new aftermarket shock, but I am not going there.

Now that the R&D on the shock is done, turn around for a rebuilt shock is couple days, maybe less for forks.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to respond- note that I don't know much about suspension, I just know what I want from suspension to do :D
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