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T’was the night before Christmas
And all across the forum
The Versys’ were all parked
And trying to keep warm

With their chains clean and lubed
And their batteries on tenders
Their owners relax with a beer
And a tip their bartenders

They share some great stories
About adventures and journeys
And looked forward to next season
With roads twisty and turney

Oh sure, there’s some owners
Who live where it’s warmer, no wonder
And it’s Summer during Winter
For our friends from Down Under

For those of us stuck in the cold hemisphere
The bikes are all parked for Winter this year
When what to my wondering eyes should I find
But traffic on the forum coming alive!

With updates and stories
And parts up for sale
Pictures and contests
And ooops crashes, that’s a Fail.

Now Weljo, Capt Kirk, now Invader and FastEddie
On Fastoman, and Element, on Bones and on Kiwi
To the top of the New Posts
Keep the advice and DIYs coming
With bikes stored the garage
We need the forum to stay humming

Vicariously we live through the stories of others
Until Spring can return and we frighten our Mothers
By once again riding this Versys we cherish
Knowing if we don’t our soul just may perish

So my friends I do thank you for all that you share
I’ll spend Christmas and Winter in my comfy chair
Watching and reading your every new post
And liking the photos and scenery the most

And I’ll exclaim now as Christmas comes dawn,
Merry Christmas to all, ride safe and ride on


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:clap::clap::clap::clap: Riding around with the temps in the 80's today...Merry Christmas. :):)

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Cheers ATYC as I sit back after eating to much Christmas ham on a hot Christmas day on my own it was good to read your post, no im not a loner just its the fact that ive had to work 12hrs Christmas eve and go back tonight (Christmas night to work) so spend a fair bit of the day sleeping so the lovely wife has gone out for to her friends for the day for a Christmas day of eating.

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Spent the day on Twisted Throttle and other sites planning on how to spend the Christmas booty. A safe and enjoyable season for all in 2015. See you on the road.
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