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(This is addresses the adv riders among you. I spun it off the crash bar discussion.)

Because most crashbars are not protecting the turn signals, I think the best I can do for saving my turn signals right now is to remove these clamps below and pull out the metal plate from inside the turn signal, so the it will pop out and will not crack the fairing. It's holding very well without this over designed clamp.


It works! (yes I crashed)
It popped right out, no damage.

Trust me when I say it will stay in place without this clamp, judging by how slightly hard it is to put back. Hint, put the rear (narrow) lip before the front, and twist back and forth a bit. This way you can use your thumb to push the front in. Use saliva too if required.

There is the outer clamp shown in picture, but there is the inner plate I suggested to tape, but you can of course just unplug the turn signal and slip out this plate which I will do now. I kept then close in case the signals would pop out by themselves with bumbs, which they dont so I dont need such safety anymore.

If you are worried about water getting in (dropping the bike in water), first realize that the turn signal isn't waterproof in the first place and that you can always fill the narrowest part of the turn signal (shaft) with some silicone to prevent blowing a fuse if you forget to "empty" it...
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