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So a few folks have asked me about my trip to Europe. This is a quick write up. I'll try to add pics and more details later.

Unfortunately my little mule Pepe stayed home. Instead I rented a Honda Dueaville. The Dueaville is a fine bike, but...

I love the engine. The V-Twin is so much more to my liking than the inline that is in the V. It pulls a little better down low and has lower vibes so its not so buzzy. The seat height is short! I can actually put my feet down on both sides! However these are about the only things that I like better than the Versys.

The seating position is almost sport bike, not quite, but it sure puts a lot more pressure on your wrists (no cruise on that bike!). Also there were no highway bars (not sure you could even make it work if there were) and the leg position was really cramped. I did about 500-600 miles a day (Here is my spot track) and at the end of the day my knees and wrists were done. On top of that luggage space was really limited. The integrated side bags are REALLY small.

I rented from Motorbike Ventures in Prauge. I highly recommend him. Gave me my bike the night before because there was due to be a general transit strike on the day I was going to pick up. And unlike all other bike rentals in Europe this one does (most importantly) not charge for distance! I told him I might go a ways... I told him Italy & France... but he was surprised that I was able to go as far as I did. Bike had about 42,000Km on it when I started and 46,000 when I was done.

My route took me to both the Grossenglocker and Stelvio Pass. These are two places that any one that loves riding needs to visit before they die. Just fantastic riding. I've done the Tail of the Dragon and while fun it does not compare (to be honest I did the Dragon at 11pm and it was kinda dark so I may not have had the full experience).

I'll add some pics soon!
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