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Ok Gang,This should be an awesome thread that everybody can learn from..I want to know what are the best extra items to have for ADV riding and why..If you have any stories about things you wish you had taken along but didnt that would have made a huge difference or better outcome in the end,Please share with us!..So, everybody get ready to take notes,this might be the ultimate info from around the world!:feedback::cheers:

Now,when I say ADV riding..I really mean Versys style ADV riding,which means many forms...weekend camping,cross country,to the local store,day runs,commute to work ,what ever..just wanna know what we like to carry around to make our ride unique and complete...

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Thankz EL TIG

EL TIG,I know that link will be an excellent resource for this subject,But i want to hear from the V family to....I mean V riders should share V stories!:cheers:

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Im thinkn tire repair and electric air pump...



and a friend to clank beers with!...like these 2 little guys!:cheers:

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While I carry a plugger and CO2 inflators I also got one of those cheapo 12v inflators from walfart and took the guts out of it. It fits into a crown royal bag and goes under the seat where the tool kit was, which is now at the back of the tray in front of the taillight. It will inflate the rear tire from 20lbs to 40 in about 2 minutes. If you're going to do any dirt riding you need reduced tire pressure for grip, but need hiway pressure for, well, the hiway. :D

For me the bike isn't as much 'adventure' riding or touring as that means round the world, cross-country, or foriegn countries. I use it for a loose term I call motorcycle camping - packing lightweight backpack gear for camping out.

My shortlist...
Camp chair - after a days ride I'm tired and need to sit down. I have a couple now, the Monarch and a Pico folding. The latter for the V, the former for the DS.
Jetboil - best cook stove ever invented. They publish some great recipes on their site.
Headlight - the led one that goes on your own head.
Lantern - a mini LED one for your tent, table, around camp at night. The Black Diamond ones are really nice, cheap, and last a long time on AAA's.
Down sleeping bag - nothing is as comfortable as down, and it has a wide temperature range of comfort.
SunShower - for when you're not at a regular campground. A jetboil will top off warming it up late in the day.

For the bike....
Luggage capability
Crash Bars, hand guards
Improved Seat
Windshield - something a little taller than the stock one.

There are lots of little details to consider but these are the primary things I can think of off the top of my head.

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1. JB Weld
2. Tire plugger
3. Mini air compressor
4. Duct tape... :D
5. Small bourbon flask

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Got those plus Jumper Cables as well as 2 extra 12V outlets just under each side of the seat with 1-3"lead 1-12" lead and 1-24" lead:D
Hey Weljo, where'd you buy those ity-bitty jumper cables?

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In my saddle bag, I always keep:
Plug kit
Hand pump (road bike style)
Bic lighter / matches
Drinking water bottle
Utility knife / leatherman
Small LED flashlight
Electrical tape
Small spool of electrical wire
Enough room in one or both of the saddle bags for a grocery run.

On the bike, must-haves for me are:
GPS, mount, 12v power outlet
Something more substantial than the stock windshield (I have the GIVI)
Foot peg lowering blocks
Bar risers
Better mirrors

I don't always ride full ATTGAT, but I do ALWAYS wear my well-armored jacket and full face helmet, even on the hottest and most humid days.

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Long range touring/camping/Adventure type riding list.

(IN BIKE OR PANNIER) Motorcycle tools:
From memory, might not be all encompassing. Not all of the Kawasaki tools are very good, but I keep them in my box just in case, minus what I keep under the seat:

Under the seat in a small craftsman tool pouch:
Leatherman Wave Multitool
Craftman bit driver with philips, flat, and hex bits.
Rear coilover spanner wrench
both rear axle wrenches and breaker bar
both kawasaki dual head wrenches
8, 10, 12, 14, 17mm box wrenches
cable luber
sparkplug tool

(IN TOP CASE) Other stuff:
Remains of my Kawasaki tool assortment
Tire plug tools and plugs
Lots of zip ties
Electrical Tape
2 sided heavy duty automotive tape
black duct tape
assorted wire and splices
a few spare bulbs and fuses
other crap

(IN TOP CASE) For long range random weather (Texas Spring/Fall) trips:
Thermal clothing liners
Glock 36 with Ammo
2 MSR Fuel bottles with gasoline
Scratch remover and touch up paint (big white scratches piss me off for no reason)

(IN PANNIER) Technology in addition to Zumo:
Iphone with Charger
Power Inverter 100w or 300w depending on how I feel
Toshiba Thrive Tablet or Toshiba Netbook, also depending how I feel.

(ON PANNIER) Camping:
Either a 2 Person Kelty Tent (read: 1 person) or a Double Hammock Tent
Sleeping Pad
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag sheet tube thing (i usually sleep in this, on top of the bag)

Small mess set that nests into self. (2 metal bowls in small pot with lid, in a larger pot with lid in a frying pan, really compact.)
Hobo tool or camping spork.
Dry or canned food
A gallon or so bag of potable water, with flavor tablets.
First Aid Kit
In bright orange FIRST AID KIT
Painkillers, bandages, cold pack, anti allergy stuff, antibiotic gel, burn cream, cloth tape, bandaids, scissors, tweezers, other crap.

(ON ME) Camelbak 3.7 Liter with survival kit. (Stays on back)

(IN CAMELBAK) Survival Kit:
Orange Poncho
Space blanket
Iodine tablets with flavor remover

(In waterproof bag on pillion seat)
Clothing (7 days worth)
Hygiene Kit
Extra Pair of shoes

(ON BIKE) Motorcycle Equipment:

Auxiliary Lights - Twistedthrottle Denali D2 (skip them and buy from VisionX, cheaper and probably better customer service.)

SW Motech Crash Bars (skip them and buy someone else's crashbars, mine cracked from viberation with no crash required.)

Garmin Zumo 665 with XM Radio, traffic and weather, on SW Motech mount (I recommend this, the traffic function will recalc alt routes, weather alerts you when you need rain gear, I like XM radio, I have it in my truck.)

SW Motech Trax Panniers and racks (any other box will be more waterproof than the trax, but few look as good, and these come with waterproof bags anyways, the racks are among the best, they are lockable but easy to remove.)

RAM Mounted Escort 9500xi (my escort is starting to viberate apart, but I've fixed it with glue, one of the best radar detectors, alerts to speed traps, red light cams, and filters our false alarm areas. Plus can distinguish between most false alarms and real signals, and tells you your GPS speed on alert. To waterproof, just add condom. I just remove mine in rain, why would you speed in wet conditions?)

Brakelight flasher (I feel a lot more comfortable with this thing, I used to flash manually, now I don't worry about it, I use the brakes I need. I have my setup to flash 5 times quickly and go steady, like I would when stopping, and as recommended by our state handbook)

HID Headlights (Skip'em and just stick with good aux lights for extra light, if you lose your low beam xenon vial you gotta remove the HID system to put a spare regular bulb in, plus they don't get to full brightness quick enough for high beam.)

Reflective decals (go with anything 3M automotive, I've had good luck with it, I use white on the edges of my panniers, and red on the sides to make up for the red reflector that the SW Motech racks eliminated. Sticker made of 3M Reflective Vinyl seem good too)

Barkbuster VPS (mine didn't install very cleanly, I had to go buy different bolts. I like the full wrap aluminum bar, but someone else probably makes a better product)

Pazzo Controls (look cool, and the shortys are harder to break than stock, and allow for more room in the hand guard area.

Gorilla Alarm (not particularly effective, but gives you a little piece of mind and an insurance discount)

10" stemmed 4" round mirrors (any mirrors are better than stock, I had to modify these a bit with glue to stop the glass from making noise)

Fuzeblock (great for accessories, if that relay goes out your life will suck till you resolder or replace with it with an external though)

Ixil Dual Exhaust (no adv value, just look cool)

(PROBABLY ON ME) Riding Gear:
Icon Variant Helmet (Great helmet, interior is easy to clean or replace, fairly quiet, good looking, easy to get replacement parts. Visor good at blocking wind but does knock the helmet around at higher speeds or in bad wind. Visor is a bit fragile. Face shield is hard to change out between night and sun riding)

Variant gold shield (good sun blocker, keeps your face private, makes you look like master chief)

SUMMER: Fly Racing Patrol Jacket (cheap, okay protection, removable sleeves, pockets fall apart, well vented, no armor, cold in winter, warm in summer)

WINTER: Tourmaster one piece black suit (seem durable, hot in summer, warm in winter, looks cool with patches, lots of armor, velcro on skin hurts, removable thermal layer)

WINTER: Bates steel toe, water resistant boots

Summer: Skechers leather boots

Really Hot Summer: Nike Running Shoes (F you)

Froggtogg Rain Riding suit (I hate it: it's bulky,it's warm, it feels cheap but costs a lot, it's black, it makes you look like a burnt marshmallow man. It's relatively waterproof, reflective piping.)

Backup/really bad rain for a really long time: Magellan Rain suit (Hot, black, it turns soaking wet to merely damp, it packs small, not durable, the bag for it is built in)

Cortech Rain Gaiters (keeps your feet dry)

WINTER: Motoboss leather gauntlets (warm, dry, dont wear in summer)

Winter Backup: Fieldsheer leather gauntlets (cold in winter, unwearable in summer, fit small, no water resistance)

SUMMER: 2 pair (prim/backup)5.11 Police gloves (cheap at about 30, protects your hands, grippy, quick drying, relatively cool, microfiber wipey area on thumber for face shields/goggles)

Obsolete: Cortech Riding pants (I don't remember which kind but I had good luck with them)

Broken: Cortech Riding jacket (zipper gave out, don't recommend

2 pairs (pri/backup) Blue Skull candy earbuds (comfortable to me, durable, stylish, loud)

I don't carry all this crap with me all the time, but if I'm going far away, for a long time, or camping blah, I generally keep a lot of it with me. It all depends on the situation of course. I add stuff or remove stuff depending on need. For my daily commute I usually have empty panniers for groceries, my AMA card, and no top case.

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Good quality gear.

4 season gear (jackets and pants) that vents well, has a wide temp range, and has a waterproof breathable liner and great rain protection. Translation - you'll be more comfortable which means you will enjoy yourself more. Also less stuff to carry for different conditions.

Polyester base layer - underwear and t shirts like runners t shirts. Much better than cotton and dries very fast. Wicks away perspiration.

A tinted visor for your helmet (inside your helmet bag to protect it from scratching) - much more comfortable than sun glasses.

Wet Ones or other pre moisened diaper tissues. Handy for personal hygene when showering/bathing for a few days is impossible - take up little space in a sealed container. Can double as toilet paper in a pinch.

Freeze dried food - light weight and packs small, avail at most camping stores

Single burner camping stove - packs small and is lightweight

Water bottles

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