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Took a little ride to the Gulf Coast...

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Here are some Highlights from a loop around the Choctowhatchee Bay.

Sugar Sand is very slippery.

Cool house from the 1800s.

Getting ready to cross the bridge on the East end of the Bay.

Riding along the North end of the Bay.

Got into more of that sugar sand. The front wheel just plowed through the sand.

Took the Mid-Bay Bridge south. You can't even see the western shore.

I don't know where that Palm Branch came from.

Now that is what I call a mural. This is at the southern end of the bridge.

Cool little museum.

The local Sand Bar hangout.

Riding along the south end of the bay.

The west end of the bay.

Close to an 80 mile ride. Too many crazy tourists. A few nice State Parks in the area for camping. Great vacation spot if you are ever in the area.
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I love that area TwoWheel. Been awhile since I have been up that way. Nice pics and the day looked perfect for riding. Some of the best sand in Florida as I remember.
Thanks for sharing your ride, and it might just have given me another destination from Tampa sometime this year.
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