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I bought my 2008 Versys in APril 2008 with 800 miles on it. AT 7800 miles the back tire was showing cord and the front tire was not far behind. It was commuting miles plus a 3000 mile trip from the Adirondacks to the Smokies and back home loaded with gear.

I replaced those tires with the Pirelli Diablo Stradas based on the following description of the Stradas:

* Extended Mileage Sport (EMS) tires ideal for those who love to travel longer distances without sacrificing sport performance
* All new HGHM Compound (High Grip/High Mileage), consists of the latest generation of advanced polymers, high matrix carbon black and liquid silica
* HGHM Compound offers dry grip close to that of Diablo and wet grip that exceeds the competition; designed for high performance and reliability in all weather conditions
* Precision handling thanks to the ideal Geometry Profile (IGP), which has been designed to maximize the shape of both front and rear tires
* The new compound guarantees an immediate warm-up at low temperatures - cold and wet pavement is no longer a problem; handling and grip are consistent in all weather conditions
* Z rated for speeds of 149+ mph.

I would rate the performance of the Stradas a 9+. They performed MUCH BETTER than the stock Dunlops. No issues wet or dry, they performed excellently!

HOWEVER, I would rate the Stradas a 1 for durability. I now have 13,600 miles on the V so I only got 5800 miles out of them before the cord started showing. Not only were they worn on the crown, they are also nearly to the cord on the sides as well. The same mix of miles - commuting and then a 1200 mile ride to the Smokies. Based on the description of getting more miles without sacrificing performance is not true.

NOTE: I only had to replace the back tire, as the front tire still has another 2-3000 miles of good tread left on it.

Next full set will be the Dunlop Road Smarts and see how they last.
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