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OK, so I'm looking to put together a chart of different things you can do to the Versys, but I'm starting with tires and working out. What I'm hoping for is to get tire reccomendations for some different categories. Tires that fit on stock rims is preferred, but not necessary as long as I get what size rims you'd need to change to.

So guys, what kind of tires are best for these categories?

Track Day - Smooth asphalt, clear conditions

Metro Commuter - Fairly smooth asphalt, concrete, lightly grooved pavement, wet or dry, tar snakes, etc.

Rural areas - Rough asphalt, concrete, occasional gravel driveways, wet or dry.

Out Back - Primarily gravel/dirt roads, occasional asphalt/concrete, wet, dry, muddy.

All-Around - Fills the most of the above classifications OK. Not perfect for everything, but functional for most.

Ideas? Links?

Thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts