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Tips on loosening the adjuster screw

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Do you have any tips on how to loosen this screw? Went to turn it for a while then it "locked". Tried to pull out the axle so far that I got a whole sleeve on but can't screw it on for fear of pulling too hard and it will come off.


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found the hold under the arm injected a lot of oil and loosened the nut and new oil there will do so for a few days while I drive so hopefully it will come in and "dissolve" the rust. then thought of trying to tap it for a while and maybe heat it a bit with a heat gun. Afraid that it will go off and that the first season will take a long break
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DO not try to remove it. It is too late. I have already broken mine (same bike) and replaced with repair kit.
but at some point I have to adjust the chain again. what kit did you use?
unfortunately I can't screw it in any direction right now, when I started to adjust the chain it was slow but could be screwed a little, had I known this I would have unscrewed the whole thing straight away. I thought it was going slow because I tightened the chain (first time on the first bike 馃槶) I think I have the right setting right now, it varies a little in different places of the chain.
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going to lubricate a little every day not in a super hurry but when I find something wrong I want to fix it right away. probably it was just in its extreme position without the rust setting in and when I unscrewed a few turns it snapped. nice to know there are kits to fix it in the worst case scenario
I'd recommend you to screw the bolt in, add some nut between the bolt and the adjuster, make your work, and remove the nut. By the time the nut will not work anymore, it's time to replace the chain.

M8x50 Swingarm Chain Adjuster Bolt Screws Repair Kit Saver For Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha CR CRF KX RM YZ CR125 CR250 CR500

The kit is good, but bolt is 13mm instead of 12 in original.

Does this fit the version 650 2008? Can't find the model in the list.
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