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Tips on loosening the adjuster screw

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Do you have any tips on how to loosen this screw? Went to turn it for a while then it "locked". Tried to pull out the axle so far that I got a whole sleeve on but can't screw it on for fear of pulling too hard and it will come off.


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Years ago I read about this issue while having some resistance there.
I removed it, re-tapped the threads, greased the hell of it.

More importantly, I no longer lock the adjuster nut tight, just enough to avoid rattling.
ALSO the adjuster bolt is not touching the slider after the axle nut is torqued (I screw it a few hairs away on purpose).
The axle nut torque is 108 N.m; I never seen the axle move to compress the adjuster bolt.

This avoids unnecessary pressure on the adjuster bolt threads.
It's been fine ever since, though I can't conclude if it is the grease, the thread re-tap or the slider separation that helped.
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