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Well, my Versys is gone-traded for an '06 FZ1. The farkles I removed from it are gone-thanks to the individuals who bought them, to heck with the deadbeats who said they were interested but then never answered my PMs. Time to move on.

First of all let me say this is a great forum-interesting and informative. I've done much more lurking than posting. Thanks especially to the person who mentioned the Pima Air & Space Museum. That's on my to-go list for my 5000 mile, two week ride on my Concours next May.

The Versys was for me probably my biggest impulse purchase in motorcycling-less than ten days from the time I saw a green one at my local dealer to the time I bought a red one off Craigslist that was two states away-I have a weakness for red bikes. All the reviews, all the comments I read said it was a great bike-and I would agree.

The bike had lots to like-the almost new Pirelli Angel STs the PO had installed before selling it, the fuel injection for instant starting cold or hot, the compound headlight for both looks and function, the stock suspension-I never touched the front suspension preload or dampning the entire time I owned the bike and only replaced the rear spring because I thought the red spring with the red bodywork looked tacky, the brakes, and the digital speedo all come to mind.

OTOH I wished the V had more horsepower and a different riding position. I tried several combinations of handle bar, handle bar riser, seat, and pegs to get a more sporty/sport touring riding position. A sit up and beg riding position is ok on my DR200-I seldom ride that more than 20 miles at a time. But overall I find it more comfortable to be in a slightly leaned forward riding position with my weight more evenly spread over my body such as on my Concours or 2001 FZ1.

The '06 FZ1 has almost twice the HP of the V with less than 10% add'l weight, and the riding position-which is not as sporty from the factory as I expected-is more readily changed with available rearsets.

So, anyway, time to say good bye. You all ride safe,

Larry aka Charliedog
Bristol, TN

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Yeah I can see that if you already have a Connie for touring and desired a more sporty alternative why you would be unloading the V. Seems to me the V tries (and does a good job of) being a jack of all trades, while also being a great commuter.

The V is my first bike. I based my purchase off of what I thought my most common riding type would be... a commuter that could be both sporty and could tour some. So basically I purchased the V based on a theory.

How has that proven out over 2,000 miles? Pretty much dead on. I ride my V everyday to and from work and get out a few times a month to hit twisties or go on longer tour type rides of less than 150 miles.

But what do I really want if I were to do it over again?

Well I drool over the ADV bikes over at advrider. I'm in love with the "idea" of going on dirt road tours of the US and camping off of the bike. Somehow I know this is a romantic pipe dream because I live in Indiana and there isn't a dirt road/fire trail within a 1,000 miles of me. Add to that I really don't like sleeping on the ground. Best case scenario I would take a 4 day weekend trip once or twice a year to really put an ADV bike through its paces.

I really wanted a Concours but they were way out of my price range. I thought I wanted a bike for long weekend trips with my wife on the back. Thought I would love clicking off thousands of miles on the highway. Turns out she doesn't really like riding all that much and her work schedule gets in the way on the weekends that I'm available for a ride.

I tend to ride my V pretty fast and I love the twisties. While everyone else racks up 50+mpg on their V I rarely break 40mpg and I'm frequently in the 36mph range. I love the throttle. This leads me to believe I would really like a sport bike. I rarely ride for more than an hour and normally ride less than 30 minutes a day. Maybe a sport bike would be perfect? But since I use my bike as a commuter I don't want to be wearing a backpack all the time. My V46 topcase swallows up anything I need to have with me.

So in summary, the Versys is proving to be the perfect choice for a motorcycle for me (if I could own only one motorcycle). It has the resemblance of an ADV bike. It is comfortable enough for longer rides 1 or 2 UP, and it has enough power to match the roads I have available and my riding ability.

Now... when this one is paid off I may just have to purchase a used Ninja....for sure!

Good luck to you and be sure to pop in once in awhile and let us know how you are doing.
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