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I would like to adjust my throttle vacuum sync and I'm not sure what's tools to buy for the job.
I know that I need some sort of manometer to check the vacuum, I saw this one here Carbtune Pro 2-column and Toolpouch
But there are also many digital ones on ebay for less than half the price.
Other than that what else would I need?

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Many styles

On Ebay right now Carbtune Pro 4 Column Motorcycle Carburetor Sync Manometer Vacuum Gauges

I have the Carbtune, there is a 2 channel version with a slight savings, since I wasn't sure if I ever would need a 4 channel, I bought the 4 channel, my brother has a old Honda 750 4 , many new bikes including the V1000 have more than 2 cyclinders.
I have a thread http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forum...e-shim-vacuum-sync-2015-650abs-onewizard.html that explains that valve shim and vacuum sync are closely related.If your vacuum sync is off, good chance you have a tight valve, unless this bike was pre-owned or you screwed with it previously.


Instructions in How To http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/74-how-forum/121410-throttle-body-sync-modifications.html

One thing I failed to mention, is Carbtune is liquid free, many use liquid and a accident, like a short in your regulator, the magic smoke escapes and your done, same applies to these other gauges. Initially I made my own U tube manometer using transmission fluid and solid copper inserted at the couplings to act as a damper, crude but it works, but no comparison to Carbtune Pro.

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Recently did mine. There was a big improvement in smoothness with it.

Carbtune is what i have. Works great. You also need a set of metric allen keys NOT on a fold out handle. T handle ones are ideal.

I purchased a Motion Pro Carb adjust tool in place of the Kawi tool mentioned in the manual. A small slot head screw driver works better, especially if it has a very short/stubby handle.

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