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Hey VS300 gang,

I have not read anything about some things I have been thinking about lately... so just wanted to share some thoughts about what ifs?

Rear suspension, sure would be cool to measure the eye to eye on the rear shock find something that has more adjust-ability than 5 positions to set the sag correctly.
Also to have hi low speed compression and rebound.

Front forks, the same. The Suzuki 400 guys have the RM250 to pillage parts off of. Wonder if a KX 80 or 100 might be a possible donor?

Pipe reroute? twin pipes? Anyone take the pipes off to see if there is any welded ring or bong that restricts air flow for some free upgraded performance? Perhaps putting the stock pipe on a diet?

I just got mine, but what about air intake restriction? perhaps route some piping to the front hya busa style? lol

Larger output stator drop in plug in?

It may be an entry level bike, but I like this little guy!

You guys with the bigger bikes dont blah blah blah about should of got a bigger bike, as i dont care to hear it. I like this little super flea bike of mine, and any little improvement would just add to our fun!



To the Superflea!
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