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Ok - McGregor IA camping this Sat night.

Camping with my 10 year old son - gonna happen, no matter what the weather. Mode of transport is the question.

We both really want to take the bike, but will go with a car if needed. I'm leaning towards go for it on the bike - but open to wiser folks.

If you feel like playing along on the weather channel page,
Sat AM riding / driving through from Suburbs:
Galena, IL up to
Cassville, WI for the ferry crossing.
Set up in McGregor IA ride up the bluffs to
New Albin, IA and back to camp.
Return home on Sunday by a slightly different route - but that forecast looks better.

Bike or Car?

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Even with rain, its a adventure and my boys loved the challenge of the elements unless it is some sort of storm then maybe no good for camping either. Father/son going out to battle the elements on the bike and camp, sounds awsome to me and a trip your son will remember. all the best with whatever you take, just great to see a father spending time with his son.:clap:
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