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Just thought I'd mention that this forum works for me :D

Due to the timezone diffs I'm at work while it seems most of you are off drooling on your pillows, makes it a lot easier to actually see what is going on on the forum.

I'm on a local 4x4 forum here in South Africa as well and trying to keep track throughout the day on what is happening is useless. I would guess there are about 130+ active threads per day with multiple interactions each. Not to mention coming back and checking in after a weekend... Quick Links --> Mark Forums Read... about all one can do.

So this is awesome! :thumb: I can actually read through all the posts per day :eek:penarms:

...only 39 days to go till I too can walk into the dealership and say "I'll take that 'un please" :yeahsmile:

ok well, back to the last hour and fifteen minutes before I'm off to go sit in traffic on my way home.

great day to you all :D
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