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JDRocks, PLEASE DO NOT STOP POSTING! I am on page 2 of this thread and saw that you were mentioning this may be a waste of your time. PLEASE UNDERSTAND IT IS NOT! You're posting the "dream". I have not been able to live it myself due to a multitude of reasons (can't get away from work, don't have the knowledge base, don't have the time, don't have the funds, etcetera). Primarily I either have the time, but no money (literally NO money) or I have the money, but no time. Seeing what you are doing and have done provides tremendous amounts of inspiration for me and others! Also, you are literally giving step-by-step instructions in a lot of this, so that is fantastic!

I do have a few questions though and I'm sure you've posted it before somewhere so I'm sorry if you have to repeat yourself. What do you do or what is your background? Are you a machinist? Engineer? Mechanic? Also, when you state that these bikes can be built cheap, that is after you factor in selling spare parts and using left over parts that you already have right? Last question (for now) how far away do you search for parts? Do you travel 300+ miles or just look local? Thanks and keep up the great work!
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