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The 2021 Versys V649HP, and 2023 Versys Scooter

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The 2021 Versys V649HP

2016 Versys...

2013 Versys...

2010 Versys...
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Dave - how about some pics for those that don't follow your "ADVrider build thread"?
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Here are a few pics of "the HILL" giving a bit of an oversight of it, w/out snow at the sides.

And this one at the bottom of "the HILL".


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...but now, a reported sighting of the pair at Kapuskasing in northern Ontario. as many forum old timers know, this is also the home of the forum's resident tech expert...Invader.

stay safe, my friend.
The reported siting claims they were in a 'white car'. I am waiting to hear where they 'got' it, reports of more murders....

FWIW - I hunted the Rockies in Alberta for many years, and IF I had to find a 'downed' critter, I would watch for birds circling somewhere, and usually that was where it was.
Dave - wondered where you were after not seeing anything here, or ADVrider for awhile.

Nice to see you back.

...either that or a flat rock, lordy, knock on wood.
I don't think you'll be able to straighten ANYTHING if you put it on a plank, to "...lordy, knock on wood...".

I use nail-polish to color the "master-link" on my riveted chains, to be able to easily find it, as well as to have a place to lube FROM and back TO.

DSC01432 copy by Ed Copeman, on Flickr
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girls open the door for you just to find out what brand and shade of nail polish you're wearing.
Dave - when something WORKS, you just gotta keep doin' it...!

i need to start a new project, i'm gettin' sorta fidgety. any suggestions?
How about a "beer-fridge" UNLESS you already got one...!

IMG_0866 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

IMG_0867 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr


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I'm w/ "jdrocks" on using a pressure washer to clean the bike. You just gotta be careful of WHERE you point it.

ONLY thing I've used on all THREE V650s.
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