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I don't hang here a lot, but I've learned plenty. 4500 miles in now, bike and me. Thanks to this forum, in the last 3 days I have:

Had new Avon Distenzas put on. Bike feels a lot better already, and I am ready for the forest roads. Probably had some left on the stockers, but I was ready for these.

Had Castrol semi-synthetic oil put in, I can feel the difference in the transmission already.

Took the plastic stuff apart and got rid of the buzz. After 4500 miles as a noob, using 3500 rpm a lot, what a relief!

Put in the $50 Sylvania light bulbs, and tried to aim the lights. We'll see tonight, if the rain holds off.

This is in addition to the already done Corbin seat, Cortech sport bags, crash bars, and windscreen. And to add topping to the cake, I figured out how to take the bike and Subaru with me on RV trips, using a tandem tow dolly.

So, your discussions are very helpful to us new cyclists. Oh, I forgot to mention validation for ATGATT, etc. and knowing some of the little things I've run into are not mine alone. Thanks again.
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