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Just some notes being 6'5" 37" inseam, 14D foot, 48L or XLT rack fit. XXXL helmet.

Sidi and Oxtar boots have been true fit, roomy D width and true length for size 14. Current boots are Sidi Adventure Deep Rain, the budget model. Fit is spot on, zero miles so no experience with them riding yet.

These are moto look but for comparison they are maybe 20% as solid as true moto boots like even Tech 1s from Alpinestars. If you ride where smacking stumps or trapping your foot into rocks can happen, skip these. They are a good looking Street and touring boot, not a trail boot.

First Gear tall sizing has been a good fit as well, have had a few of theirs, short street jackets and 3/4 length Kilimanjaro types, all fit well for talls. For the money, their stuff holds up well. I wear a XXLT vs XLT due to freeing up arm movement across the back.

Joe Rocket ballistic overpants. I had to size up on these but they did fit well. They are very "plasticky" to the vinyl feeling side. They are great cold and wet weather pants. Horific in summer heat with no ventilation. Good cheap winter pants and can take a beating. You feel like you are walking in a snow suit.

Aerostich Darien pants, I measured my true waist (read gut) so they would fit properly as they are a bit high waisted. I went with 44L and the indicated inseam was 36" stock sizing. They fit perfectly, on the looser side but perfect over jeans and plenty of room to layer heavy fleece as well. Zero miles on them yet. I added my first set of suspenders....nerdy but they do a great job holding the pants in place while sitting and crouching, I'm a believer. Way more comfortable than the Joe Rocket pants.

I went with AGV sport gloves, again the sizing guide on revzilla was spot on, 2XL measured and they fit well.

For my giant Sputnik Heed, I was disappointed to find that Shoei discontinued XXXL sizes. So I'm stuck with the down market HJC. Good news is, the fit and finish is better than I expected. They only offer their down line models in extended sizing though so they do not at all compare to the Arai or Shoei quality that I'm used to.

I got an IS Max 2 and hopefully it won't be horribly noisy. I previously had a Shoei Hornet and an earlier RF series. Time will tell. The pinlock is awesome, easier than the old peel and stick Fog City. Nice to be able to easily remove it when not needed.

I'll update this once I'm back riding for a while and can tell how it all works in real use.

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Scorpion also make 3XL Helmets. I have a buddy with a big noggin so he has one.
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