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2018 Versys 650LT.
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I chose the T-Rex center stand for my 2018 Versys 650 LT based on reviews here and limited availability of any other brand. Just wanted to share my experience.

There had been an earlier post that found sloppy welds that broke on first use, but T-Rex seems to have resolved that particular problem.

Installing the return springs is now a non-issue, as T-Rex has fashioned an adjustable spring mount, which means you install the spring pair loose, and then tighten the spring mount to the desired tension. Nice touch!

For '15+ model years, T-Rex has changed the way the left and right hand brackets attach to the bike's frame. Where the installer once had to remove a long 10MM bolt, and replace it with T-Rex's own longer bolt, that is no longer required. Unfortunately neither the installation documentation nor the installation video had been updated to reflect this change. That left me thinking that parts had been missed from my kit.

It took a couple of interactions with customer service to resolve this; I was first told that the missing parts would be shipped to me ("are you sure the parts aren't stuck to the packaging?"), then I was told about the installation change but was not provided updated documentation, and finally by the third interaction I received the corrected installation docs (as I write this, the installation video has NOT been updated). I'm still a little pissed that the documentation that came with the center stand was inaccurate, and cost me a few hours of struggle.

Once installed, I am happy with the center stand performance. At full height (it's height-adjustable), it takes some "encouragement" to get it upright, but on a lower setting it's not too bad. No where near as easy as the factory center stand on the V1000 (talk about well-balanced), but it's not a huge struggle.

A couple of pictures are attached.

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