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Being a part of the riding community is more than just riding and posting on forums – one of the best parts is getting to know people’s stories. There are some good people out there, and we’ve tried to highlight a few of them. If you haven’t already checked out the AltRider blogs, you might want to read about your fellow riders.

Darcy Kemp, the single suburban mom who races in her free time.

Joe and Flora Lloyd, who are pretty active on ADVRider and are riding two-up for four months around Canada.

Flo Fuhr, the hair stylist who inadvertently started the Conga movement and this year alone raised more than $28,000 for breast cancer research.

Karen Allen, who decided after a cancer diagnosis that she’d “die living.”

Peter Lunstrum, a rider who gave up time, money, and work to help an impoverished family in Mexico.

We are honored to know these people. Who do you know who is living out a great a great story?
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