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Stock windscreen

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I am looking to buy someone's unloved stock windscreen. I bought the Versys this spring and I find the Pugh windscreen allows very little airflow. I am not looking to trade.

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Might be an idea to say which year YOUR Versys is....
Duh,, thanks :right:

2015 Versys 650 LT
I have one for you... brackets and all... pretty much brand new
text me at tree owe too tree fore feyve see-row ate see-row sebben
or PM me thru the forum

2016 V650LT

From DE to CT prolly would not cost much to ship
Check your PMs

Why are you not using the brackets? Did you replace them with something?
Didn't have to replace them. My helmet already comes with a windscreen. Although, here in the nanny-free state of DullAware, in weather like this, I prefer twin tinted screens hooked over my ears.

Plenty of air flow and zero buffeting.
I was wondering if anyone rode without the screen and how they handled the brackets. Thanks for the information.
I have a windscreen for a 15, $50.00 plus shipping.
I am working with Webmost right now. I will keep your offer in mind. :smile2:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts