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Stock windscreen

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I am looking to buy someone's unloved stock windscreen. I bought the Versys this spring and I find the Pugh windscreen allows very little airflow. I am not looking to trade.

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I have one for you... brackets and all... pretty much brand new
text me at tree owe too tree fore feyve see-row ate see-row sebben
or PM me thru the forum

2016 V650LT

From DE to CT prolly would not cost much to ship
Why are you not using the brackets? Did you replace them with something?
Didn't have to replace them. My helmet already comes with a windscreen. Although, here in the nanny-free state of DullAware, in weather like this, I prefer twin tinted screens hooked over my ears.

Plenty of air flow and zero buffeting.
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Still hunting for the right box... sorry. Blew the day riding Sierra to the old FX Smith's Sons cigar factory in McSherrystown PA. Some of the prettiest country roads that Merryland and Pennsyltucky have to offer. It's only 81 miles from here; but if you take the right route, this excursion will take you two and a half hours each way. Especially at the pace which the many construction and bridge flood-outs force. They have an inkling how to begin a road repair here in the East; but they haven't the least clue how to finish one. Stopped to ask detour directions from an old gardener at one flooded out bridge. He complemented how quiet and smooth Sierra runs. I said you don't know the half of it until you set up here and go. Visited the factory to discuss cigar business and fetch samples. Then had to go set on a stool and down a neat Jameson or two with Smith at the social club across the street. Wobbled back to the saddle and set out for home. Stopped for a half rack at my fave BBQ in Stewartstown. The gal there is still cute; but she's growing a waffle butt. Back in the wind for the ride home. Time I got back here, tornado weather was closing in. Had to field a bunch of calls regarding new job possibilities. Blew the whole day. Type of thing that happens whenever I throw a leg over Sierra, 2016 V650LT, tight, smooooth, agile & flowing sort of bike. Not so much power; but a great all day ride. I've been out to FX Smith's Sons dozens of times, over the years --- enough to know the right roads.

Bottom line: I never did dig you up a box that fits. Hunted thru the attics, but no joy. May have to tote this screen to the mail store tomorrow and see if they have a white mail bag that works. I have plenty bubble wrap. Just need the gozinta it goes into.
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That's my great-grandson Zeke. They tell me his first word was "motorcycle". Lives in Ogden Utah. Too far away. Went to see him last Summer. That's my helmet.
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