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Do we have a spot for build threads? Any way I like to keep track of my builds keeps me on task and I like having a spot to lay out my thoughts and ideas.
Obviously it's Kawasaki versys x-300(non-abs)

So far I have a T-rex crash bar on her and T-rex fender eliminator. And some 50/50 dirt tires I cant remember what brand or model off the top of my head.

Mods I'm in the progress of doing right now are:

Pair removal and block off 20190619_203654_1561007674844.jpg
Evap removal
Barkbusters (vps green)
Trail Tech Voyager Pro gps; it's got hook ups for temp, rpm, wheel speed, and volts. I'm hooking up everything but wheel speed.

The bike is stripped down to the back bone my dumb @as did not remove the tank and just flipped it 180 degrees and set it where the seat sits. Well as I was warming it up to flush coolent for new engine ice and inline water temp sensor the tank fell snapping the fuel rail inlet line and scratching the tank!LOL New parts ordered should be in next mondayish.

Mods to do after this are:
Exhaust (custom)
Ricochet skid plate
Some type of auxiliary lighting

Other bike in pic is my 04 Honda shadow aero 20190601_171054_1561007605573.jpg
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