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I think I have the route planned for my first real motorcycle trip.
I figured I'd post my planned route on the forum and let you guys tell me what you think. I've never been on a camping trip with the bike and I've only been on one over-nighter.

Living in Omaha, there isn't many really cool rides that that are good for a weekend trip. If you want to go someplace good, it's either 8 or 9 hrs up to Duluth MN area, 8 Hrs south to the Ozarks, or 9hrs west to Colorado. There's always the black hills in South Dakota, but once again, it's a full day's ride on the interstate to get anywhere and when you're trying to do something over a three day weekend, that really only leaves a day to ride once you get there, then you get 8-10 hrs home.

So, what I figured is leave right after work Friday on the May long weekend and drive over to Cedar Rapid Iowa. Camp overnight and then start riding first thing in the morning Saturday. Head over to Dubuque and then basically follow the Mississippi River north to La Crosse WI, camp the night and then come back down the river on the opposite side on Sunday. Camp at Mississippi Palisades State park and then high tail it home on Monday.

I think what this trip affords me that I haven't been able to find otherwise is two full days of scenic riding, with only having to spend 8-10 hrs on the interstate each way to my riding area. With this ride its more like 4-6hrs interstate.

Anyway, take take a look and l let me know if you think this is a decent ride or not. The attached map only includes the two riding for enjoyment days. The first and last are just meant to get me from omaha to cedar rapides and them home.

(I've never posted a map before so I have no idea if this will work)
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