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After riding around for the first 1200 miles with an invisible 400 pound mosquito I decided to investigate the annoying buzzzzz coming from the front of the V.
First I removed the side cowlings, the plastic panel surrounding the instrument cluster, (which is the same piece with the tab that slides in above the headlight, that is supposedly one of the culprits).
I started the bike and revved it to 4000-4200 rpms and the buzz hadn't changed....
It was coming from the speedo/tach housing. It appears to be a 2 piece (top/bottom) assembly and if I squeezed the housing top to bottom the noise dissapeared.
I didn't want to disassemble the housing nor did I want to strip the screws on the back of it trying to see if tightening would help to reduce the racket but it seems a proper fix would entail Kawasaki internally installing a rubber seal/gasket between the top and bottom of the instrument cluster to permanently take care of the problem.

For now, I put 1/4 inch closed cell foam w/adhesive backing around the speedo/tach housing where it meets the plastic surround, as well as putting a small piece on the front tab above the headlight and although there is still a slight buzz around 4k it seems to be much better.

With any luck Kawi will address this soon and we can enjoy a buzzless ride.



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