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Last week I had the chance to ride some of New England. Some of you know of my addiction with the Maine coastline. But this trip was to be a guided ride through part of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

On Thurs. 21 July my guide arrived @ 8am and off we went. I have been wanting to do this ride for quite sometime. I normally ride alone but for this trip a long time friend led the way. Her gps took a dump right before the trip so I had the route loaded in my Zumo. But I absolutely hate to ride point. So she led with the use of paper directions on her tank.

My friend had a very near miss at a unmarked and very blind intersection. I still can not believe she did not crash. I have never seen one this close without a terrible outcome. And in my time I have seen more than a few. She has got to be the most accomplished rider I have ever ridden with. (and not hard to look at either :thumb:)

Any way if you get a chance to ride in this area JUST DO IT. It is a gorgeous area to ride with all the twisties and elevation changes that you could want. I do not do the picture thing and this is probably the closest thing to a ride report that I have ever written. lol

For all the info and routes you could want for this area please visit the New England Riders

These folks will answer any and all questions that you may have. (no relation in any way)

Ride Safe!



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