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I met a couple friends from Southern Oregon to do some riding in the Smith River country, in Western Oregon. We met at the Lorane Store/Cafe then headed out.
Route- http://oregonmotorcyclist.com/ridepage.php?page=smithriver

My Companions- Super-Dave Hamilton on a tastefully "dirtified" DR60.

And "Heavy Hand" Dan Clark on a bored out KLR685.

We stopped at Oxbow Summit, and Dan's trying to figure out what's wrong with my bike. It's supposed to be like that!

This is the falls at Smith River-

We Fueled and ate in Coos Bay, then took the Coos Bay Wagon Route to Roseburg.
Route- http://oregonmotorcyclist.com/ridepage.php?page=sitkum

Once we got back to civilization we stopped at a winery to pick up a nice bottle to thank my folks for hosting 3 motorcyclists for the night-

The scenery is amazing on this loop, no way I could do it justice even if I were to make more of an effort. That's my excuse. Suffice it to say that we have great summers out here in the "Great Northwet", and sometimes they hang around until the middle of fall. If you can swing a trip, this is a great place to ride, and the Versys is a great bike to do it on.

Yes, the DS bikes left me in the dust on the Wagon Road, but they would have had I been on my KLR as well. Versys on half-done RoadSmarts did well enough for me.
I turned into a tiny speck, then disappeared from their view on the Lower Smith River Road where it grows a lane and a line and turns into turns into sweepers-n-straights. The rest we'll call a draw.

A few pics from my trip to and from-
Kanipe Park-

Oakland, OR-


Drop me a line if you ever get up this way, we'll do some ridin'!


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Spent some time out there 6/09. Mostly north to south on 101. A little side trip
on 42 and then back down the coast. It was before I had the V though. Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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