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Had a rally in Dayton Oh to attend for another forum I am a member of.
Decided to take a two day scenic route up, and another two day scenic route back.

Going up
GA - TN - KY - OH

Two days spent in Dayton for the rally, and then home.

Coming back
OH - WV - VA - NC - GA

Here's a few pics of the trip.
I didn't take any in TN on the way up since it rained the whole time I was passing through. Met up with the rest of the southern contingent in TN and we headed up together.

Old bridge in northern KY

Passing into Cincinnati (we did a brief 40 mile interstate stint here, finding an alternate to go around Cincy has proved to be a traffic nightmare in previous trips)

Once in Dayton, members from the northern midwest (MN_Smurf from this board) and as far east as northern NY state met up for a 40+ bike group ride saturday around the Greater Dayton countryside.

Preride meeting.

And we are off!

I was an intersection control rider, so I was either at the front of the pack, or the back of the line.

My friend Mike, who hosts the event, led the ride. His SO Angie rides backwards on his VTX to capture some good ride pics of the parade of bikes.

One brave woman! :clap:

Sweep rider Melissa talking to Mike via the radio. Once the intersection control riders would block an intersection, we would then re-enter at the end of the pack. She would give us hand signals when it was safe for us to move to the front again so we could set up the next block.

Group shot, at one of our stops.

After the group ride, we finish at Mikes house, where we then have a bike swap (a highlight of the event) and a big cookout.

Me and MN_SMurf.

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Sunday was the beginning of my two day ride home. This time I am riding solo.
Somewhere near Athens Oh.

Willow Island power plant on the WV side of the Ohio River. (pic was taken from the OH side)

St.Mary's WV - This is the beginning point of the road I wanted to ride. WV-16.

WV-16 winds from St. Mary's all the down through WV. 150 miles of beautiful twisties and scenic sweepers.

Most of WV-16 follows a creek that turns into a river then ties into the Gauley River.

After reaching the southern end of WV, I used 77 and 81 to traverse across VA and bedded down in Bristol for the night. The next morning I headed for Asheville and some of my favorite roads in and around the Brevard area.

A stop at Bridal Veil falls, and then I headed down to Dahlonega Ga to finish out my trip.

The pack mule taking a needed rest atop Blood Mountain in North Ga.

From here it was just a short 1.5 hour freeway stint to the house.

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You just had to include that picture of us, didn't you.....


For my part, I didn't take any pics on the way down on this trip because of rain, or on the way back because I was too busy riding 734 miles in one day to get home.....
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