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Hello all,

It's been since a long time that I've not posted there because of work, lots of things to do and I'd like to share some pics I've done in Corsica in september.

If you're interested in, and if you understand French, here is the topic I've done for this roadtrip on the French forum of ER6 and Versys owners:


Here are several pics done, the best one per day:

Gorges du Verdon


Pianotolli-Caldarello (extreme south of Corsica)

Near Porto-Vecchio



Typical South-Corsica Beach

Waterfall of Piscia di Ghjallu


A Tonnara

On the road for Bastia

If you'd like to see more pics of our "adventures", pay attention to CR folder and check those written by "yven69" but also "Fih"'s and this thread:


In this one, you'll have the opportunity to travel across France essentially. Some pics are so awesome.

Hope you'll like it ;-)

Just to precise : TGV stands for "Tracteur à Grande Vitesse"; just a play on words with the French fastest train name :D

See ya!

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Wow. Very nice.

Corsica (and Sardinia) are so beautiful. Only trouble is that they are islands. :)
I'm not familiar with French. Can you tell us a little about your trip?

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To sum up,

With a friend of mine, we have decided to go to Corsica at her family's second home. For her, it has been since 2007 that she never went back to her island.

The first day, we went from Ambérieu-en-Bugey to Nice across Route Napoléon essentially.
Good pavement, good roads, a bit twisty and I experienced one fall in front of the cops :D and also a burnt headlight (the 6th in 61000km).
Then we took the boat from Nice to Ajaccio on the same day. Sleep at Ajaccio.

The second day, we moved from Ajaccio to Pianotolli-Caldarello, at about 15km of Bonifacio. For me it was the first that I went to Corsica. Their way of driving there is ... particular :D

Then we went to Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio, Zonza, Aullène, Col de Bacinu, Sartène, Aiguilles de Bavella...

One of the best moment was on twisty D396 between Porto-Vecchio and Zonza. About 40km in heaven, a Corsican R1200GS was opening the road at an high level of angle and speed, if you get the point :grinangel:. My V650 was not so ridiculous...

We made also some trips by boat and I'll never forget the view from the sea of Bonifacio. Priceless!

We stayed about 10 days overthere and it's a place I'll never forget.
Its nickname "Île de Beauté" is REAL. Moreover, we were very lucky because we had sunshine all along our holidays!

Also, the native people are fabulous. They will help you when you are in trouble, pretty open-minded... When I go to another place, I enjoy meeting people, talking with them in order to discover their habtis, their way of thinking, their culture...

It was an heartache to leave this place.
We stayed essentially in the south, excepted for catching the ferryboat at Bastia to Toulon.

Then I moved to Aix-en-Provence to meet an old friend of mine and then went back to my mountains.

Probably within two years, I'll go back to but rather visiting the North (Île-Rousse, Cap Corse, Désert des Agriates...).
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