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After reading MANY posts about having to replace fans that have seized-up because of a rock bouncing up behind the rad and jamming it, and seeing what jdrocks is doing for his new "gravel-runner" (on ADV), I thought I would see what I could add to mine to minimize that possibility.

I don't have quite as many tools here as in BC (ie: no drill-press...), so I've looked for an "easier" way to accomplish this. Looking around my 'shop' I saw some scraps of aluminum... hm-m-m... maybe THOSE will work w/ a 'little' massaging....

I saw that the stock piece at the lower edge of the rad looks to be there to "stop" rocks from bouncing up but has some space at the rear between it and the engine, so I measured it then selected a piece of 'Al' about 1" x 5", got out my tape to see what kind of room was available, then cut it and drilled holes and 'pop-riveted' it to the trailing edge. Re-installed it, then looked for a piece to extend the front of it down towards the headers.

Found one! Then shortened it appropriately, drilled holes and pop-riveted it to the front of the piece between the two mounting bolts.

Now for the top where I BELIEVE rocks could also enter.... Took another piece, drilled two holes, then attached it w/ two screws (didn't want to remove the rad guard IF I could avoid it!).

The mods LOOK like they will make my fan a bit LESS vulnerable (check the last pic, viewing from the front) - here's hoping...!


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Great idea and engineering to extend the bottom stone shield... Upper air gap allows air flow above valve cover to airbox inlet snorkels. My Hepco & Becker engine guard's crossmember was restricting that opening.


I replaced it with a twisted aluminum bar to have an air collector instead.



I've never had any problem, with Fenda Extenda and radiator guard on.
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