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I've had a Seat Concepts for many years on my '07 V. The flat profile is perfect for long seat time but lately, I've been bothered by leg cramps particularly the left leg.

The cramps started to increase and numbness was evident too, particularly in colder weather when I wear heavy leather pants over jeans.

I felt that it was due to the seat putting pressure on my thighs. Solution: carve some foam off the affected area. Not owning an electric carving knife (reputed to be the best tool for the job), I found one in a local thrift shop for $8.

I pulled the staples from the forward part of the seat cover back to where the pillion seat starts. I marked the foam with a sharpie and went at it with el cheapo knife. The results were ok but rough.

I took the seat to an upholsterer to finish. He smoothed out my hack job and glued a thin piece of 'comfort' foam over the cutouts then re-stapled the cover.

The results were perfect- the seat is all I hoped it would be. I donated the electric knife back to the thrift shop.


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