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Yesterday was forecast to be about 30C (86F), sunny, so I headed out to ride a back-road to a lake near BC 33, but from the W.

Started out pretty good

and BTW - BC 33 is behind that rock, and just in front of the one at the rear of this pic (known as the "Sleeping Giant" here).

The valley ahead looked interesting as the road turned into dirt, but I saw this sign:

I did NOT want some P.O.'d natives trying to shoot me or run me off the road, so I had to come up w/ "Plan B"....:eek:

Back a few miles was the (dirt) road up to the Mara Trestles park area, where the KVR (Kettle Valley Rail Road) right-of-way exists, now a part of the Cross Canada Trail, tho' some parts do allow vehicle traffic, and I knew that going E was ONE of them, so that became "Plan B" for me and the GREEN HORNET TOO.

The hill was quite rutted as I rode "up-on-the-pegs", then saw a fairly large critter I couldn't recognize, crossing the road several 100 yards ahead, so pulled over, unslung the camera, took this pic.

It was a racoon, but possibly the largest I've seen. Started UP again, the view constantly changing...

w/ Little White Mountain coming into view to the SW

and this view back NW towards where I live.


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Shortly after, I arrived at the parking area for the Trestles, and turned left onto the KVR trail.

Every now-and-then there was water across the trail. Being by myself I dis-mounted, then walked thru it (I was wearing MX boots) to ensure that I wasn't getting into a mud-hole, one being about a foot deep, then went back for the bike, and rode thru, but I got thru fine, then stopped for this pic to "illustrate" the mud possibility...:cool:

a small lake off to the side.

After coming to the "end" of the KVR (saw a sign saying that it was closed to ALL traffic from that point), I exited onto a 'trail' that turned GNARLY w/in 100 feet, so I did a "180" and rode back, finally finding a dirt road, then turned NW onto it.

Pretty quickly I came to the conclusion that it was PROBABLY the same route that the Indian Band had set the "NO TRESPASSING" sign on, so I turned around, now heading mostly E, then arrived at a lake.

A few miles further along and I recognized the area as someplace I'd been before - Hydraulic Lake near McCulloch, just a few miles from BC 33. A good place for lunch.

After a sandwich I turned onto another trail which quickly became impassable. I took this pic

then "horsed" the Versys around till I was pointed t'other way, again following that trail till I saw these "You-are-HERE" signs....

The portion of the KVR I'd just ridden shown on this sign, from "START" to McCulloch.

Another sign explained some of the history of the area and the KVR.

A few minutes later, onto BC 33 and headed back NNW towards Kelowna, I stopped to take some pics of the Mission Creek running high.

There used to be a house here, then a couple of years back in '13 the creek changed its course, taking the house "out"....

Guess it AIN'T a good idea to build on a flood-plain...!

Got home four hours after I started, even tho' I'd ONLY ridden 138 kms (86 miles). GOOD ride.

:thumb: - :thumb:
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